How to Bet on March Madness

Selection Sunday is on Sunday March 12th and this is when the official NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Brackets are released.  This is also the day when the Sportsbooks in Vegas and online announce all of the betting odds for the nation’s largest sports betting event.

The NCAA tournament is by far the largest betting event in the United States; it is bigger than the NBA Championship Game, the World Series or even the Super Bowl.  The reason for this is that the tournament lasts from March 13 through the Championship game on April 3rd, that’s 3 weeks of straight basketball games with 68 colleges battling for the trophy.

The March Madness tournament is so special because it is so closely followed by the fans on a local level.  The Students and Alumni’s root for their college teams and rivalry’s that have been built over the years fuel the excitement.  There are College Betting pools in offices all across the United States, in local pubs and for sure on college campuses.

Betting on March Madness has never been easier, the online sportsbooks have become very sophisticated and offer secure and easy platforms to place bets on this tournament.  Take for example the Bovada Sportsbook which also sponsors the free betting tools provided by the site.  This sportsbook is very unique in that they ONLY take bets from players in the United States (many online sportsbooks in fact block US Players).

This unique approach has streamlined the folks at Bovada to customize their site to cater to the US sports betting market.  One of the advantageous of using a US friendly sportsbook is that they have the best trained customer service departments that have experience setting up new betting accounts for players in the United States.

There are several key factors to look at when betting on the March Madness and the number one factor is selecting your sportsbook.  If you are living in the United States (and a large percent of all of the tournament betting is) then you need to find a sportsbook that is US Friendly.  Years ago this would have been difficult to do but now there are a handful of experienced and trusted US Friendly Sportsbooks who openly serve the US market.

Other factors include which sports does the sportsbook focus on, most books will indicate Bovada March Madness Bonus 2017 that you can bet on all sports but in reality they lean to a specific niche. The European sport books have more betting options for the Soccer Leagues and the Australia sportsbooks have lots of options for Rugby.  Naturally if you want to bet on March Madness you will get more options with a US Friendly sportsbook, rather than a sportsbook that just accepts US bets.

Bonus offers are another factor when making a choice of what sportsbook to use.  The folks at Bovada have a very attractive welcome bonus which is a 50% Cash Bonus that you can apply to your first bet!  Open an account for $100 and you get a free $50, very straight forward and easy to use.  Since you are planning on making a bet on the upcoming tourney this is an ideal type of bonus that not only gives you a monetary reward but also adds to the excitement of joining a sportsbook.  We recommend sports books that offer Free Bonuses because they are encouraging new members to use their services and believe they have a quality betting platform.

Other recommendations when making bets on the March Madness Tournament is to do your research. Never has so much information been available to the casual better as it is today.  At your fingertips you can online access Game Match Ups, Team Stats and Injury Reports, all this information which use to be available only to the bookies is now readily available online and for free!

The statistics are all out there in very easy to read formats that will enable today’s sports better the opportunity to make educated bets.  Get updates on recent injuries and even more important see when a betting line moves or even more important when a line doesn’t move, not all sportsbooks have the same odds.

Make sure to visit sites such as and visit the Live Odds section where you can see a comparison of current odds that are updated every 30 seconds and will highlight changes.  You can easily see where a games line will move and some sportsbooks will change a line and others will not, thereby giving you the advantage.

Betting on College basketball online is easy and it is fun and the NCAA tournament is the biggest betting event on the planet.  To get the most out our your March Madness tournament we recommend that you to take advantage of all the free tools available, choose an established US friendly and collect a free welcome bonus along the way.