Featured Bonus for College Bets

One of the exciting and fun things about choosing and online sportsbook is that everybody wants YOU!  So it makes sense to do a little looking to make sure you get treated well, and that means getting a fair and usable bonus when you first join a Sportsbook.  A fair bonus is one that is financially enticing, qualifications are reasonable and that you are actually able to easily capitalize on the free bonus.  Sportsbooks in general have very easy to use bonuses such as a cash bonus many times equaling the size of your first deposit (100% Match Bonus) or a free bet such as make a free $20.00 wager in which if you win you win just like a standard bet.  There are requirements which usually involve you making an initial deposit of a certain amount and that you also make so much in actual wagers before you cash out any bonus.  All an all a very fair enticement for anyone who really wants to wager online.

Our featured bonus for placing your college bets is the one offered at WagerWeb.  This is a very generous offer of a 100% bonus going up to $1,000.  This online sportsbook gladly accepts US members, has an excellent customer service department and specializes in handling college bets.  Click here to get join and receive your free bonus.