How to bet on 2015 March Madness

The 2015 NCAA March Madness tournament officially starts on March 17, 2015 with Selection Sunday and ends with the NCAA National Championship game on March 15th. Selection Sunday is so exciting because that is when the NCAA College Tournament bracket is announced. This bracket details which NCAA college basketball teams will be included in the 2015 March Madness Tournament and the schedule of when and when every game will be played. With this in place the online sports books create their odds so you can start betting on March Madness.

We will post this bracket as soon as it is made public and shortly after every sports book should have in place the odds for all the starting games as well as the future odds on who will advance to the sweet 16, the final four and the ultimate champion. These future odds are at their highest when they are initially set so if you have a favorite team you want to bet you will need to have your online gaming account set up NOW in order to get your March Madness bet placed with the most favorable odds.

How to set up an online gaming account

  1. Choose an online sportsbook, click here for our recommended list.
  2. Fill out the form completely and accurately, approval should be immediate.
  3. Fund the account, the most critical step, click here for more details.
  4. Bet on the world’s largest sports betting event the 2015 NCAA March Madness!

It really is this simple, online gaming has grown and evolved so much these past few years that betting online is a worldwide past time with millions of real money bets being made every single month. The United States is the host to the largest of these sports betting events and naturally has the most online betters. When placing college bets the single most important step is to correctly fund the account, which once set up is as easy to fund as going out to the store to pick up a pack of gum.

We highly recommend you review our How to Fund an online sportsbook account to assist you with initially setting up your sports gaming account. This account only needs to be set up once and you will be able to bet on any sport from anywhere in the world. Our recommended online sportsbooks will guide you to a sportsbook site that you are comfortable using and our Free Bonus section can start you off with a free college bet. Enjoy the 2015 March Madness tournament.