How do I fund a sports betting account

The number one reason a person is declined when setting up a new online betting account is with the original funding of the account. In today’s world this is a very easy thing to do. The following is an overview of the options for setting up an online betting account so you can place your college bets online. There are three ways to fund an online betting account: The Surest way, the Fastest way and the Other way.

The Surest way – Debit Cards for online betting.

Debit cards are the surest way to set up an online betting account and are easily used to make all types of purchases on the internet. The best part about a debit card is that it is NOT A CREDIT CARD. These cards are intended to make it easy for users to buy things on the internet in a very secure and private manner. It is like you own personal shopping card using your own money. You can easily get your own Debit card by simply applying online. Examples of Debit Cards you can use for funding an online betting account are Net Spend and the Wall-mart Money Card. Click here for a list of free Debit Card providers who you can use to set up your online betting account.  You can use this for placing your college bets at any online sportsbook.

Direct deposit from a bank account is another sure way to fund an online betting account. InstaDebit is one of the top providers who will set up a free account for you. Just click here and fill out the form to get a free account and a free card. You will need to fill in your checking information and they you can then transfer money from your checking account to the InstaDebit card. You can use the InstaDebit card to then set up your online betting account. You can have a new online betting account today without even needing to leave your house.

The Fastest way – Use a major Credit Card for online betting.

If you have an active credit card such as Visa or MasterCard you can try to use this to fund your online betting account. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your online betting account set up. Just select this as your method of funding and fill out the application form and send it through for an immediate approval. For those persons living in the United States there is a possibility that this request may be rejected but this is no reflection on you or your credit card. The United States has made it difficult for many online sports books to use major credit cards when setting up a new online betting account.

Some online sports books have better success at processing credit card transactions than others but it can happen that a good credit card can get rejected. Don’t be disappointed, that is why the Debit Card is in place to enable you to set up an account by using that method. There is also the other method which is contacting the sportsbook directly.

The Other way – Contact the free customer service for your online betting.

Every legitimate online sportsbook has a toll free phone number to call or free online chat service to help you establish your online betting account. It is very common for a new person who wants to open an online betting service to have to contact them directly. The best tip for this is to first set up an account online by signing up for the service, this way you will already been in their system before contacting them. This will immediately place you into their system so when you contact them all they need to do is assist you in activating your online betting account.

Most sport books staff a knowledgeable customer support team who’s number one job is to assist you in setting up your new account and continue to assist in any way to make your online betting as fun and rewarding as possible. Look for the customer service section AFTER you have set up your account. Many books have online chat services where you can enter your new customer account name or number and chat with them live. Use these services, they are there to help you in any way. Keep in mind, online betting takes place thousands of times a day and you can place your online bets just as easy. Just go through this one time sign up process and you can be betting online tonight.