March Madness betting is on! How ya doing so far?

First full round and I already lost one so my Elite 8 is now down to 7.  Granted New Mexico was a stretch for it all but I thought they would do better than a first round exit.  College betting 101 tips, do not bet with your heart!  I am an Akron Alum, yes Zippy is my mascot and yes we were thrashed.  Learn from my mistakes, cheer with your heart bet with your brain.

Still some good odds out there so make sure you check it out, for those of you who are in the US and think you cannot bet on college sports think again.  There are several online sports books that gladly will allow you to bet online, check them out here in the US Sportstbooks sections.

Round 3 bring it on, I am thinking the state of Kansas!


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