NCAA ATS Standings

See exactly how each team is doing Against the Spread (ATS) within their division. A detailed breakdown of each team’s performance ATS the spread when they are at home, when they are away, as the favorite and as the underdog. This tool includes each teams divisional record and the ever so important winning/losing streak.

This tool really comes into play when you have divisional games being played. Certain games will just pop out of the screen when you see the Buckeys are playing the Wolverines and Ohio State is (1-4) against the spread and Michigan is (4-1). You just are not able to see trends like this unless the teams were broken down by division and by ATS record.

Don’t discount the current winning or loosing streak, trends like streaks do happen and they are more than just stats. This takes into consideration the emotional and mental attitude of a team and you better believe the bookies are looking at this. Bookmark this page now, it will be invaluable during divisional play!