Selection Sunday is March 13th 2016 are you Ready?

Selection Sunday is March 13th 2016 are you Ready?

March Madness is upon us with Selection Sunday falling early this year on March 13th.  That is the day that the NCAA announces the brackets and the Sportsbooks can actually publish the March Madness Odds.  This means that now is the time to make sure you have an active online betting account or even better shop around for the great Online Promotions that are being offered right now!  Sportsbooks like GT Bets and Bovada are highly respected online books an offer incredible Free Bonuses to new members.  It takes only a few minutes to open an account and you will be able to bet 24/7 from anywhere and anytime on all of the tournament games.  Both of these sportbooks are US Friendly and Mobile Friendly and they even offer in game betting so you can even make a bet at halftime using your iPhone!

Online Betting has really enabled the casual better to compete on a much more even playing field because they have access to Online Betting Tools and Live Odds.  These live odds are updated every 15 seconds so you can see immediately when a sportsbook changes their line and intstantly place a bit to take advantage of these moves.  That is why many people have multiple accounts at several online sportsbooks because it is free to do so and enables them to take advantage of the swings in the lines.  You can browse through the most current online promotions by visiting the Bonus Section of the site. March Madness is one the largest online betting sporting event in the world and it has never been easier, get set up today!

Enjoy the Tournament,

The College Bets Team


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