Tonite is the big dance, have you got your bet on?

It all comes down tonight with tip off at 9:23PM EST when  Louisville faces Michigan for the championship game, who do you like?  Checking the live odds first thing this morning I see that the opening line started with Louisville as the favorite by 3.5 points.  If you are Cardinals fan I hope you got your online bets in because it looks like all the books have bumped the line to 4 and I doubt if it is ever coming back down.

What a great tourny, only one # 1 seed in the final and Wichita almost was in it as a # 9.  If you haven’t got your bets on or you just want to follow the lines you can do so right here on the Live Odds section.  If you don’t have a live gaming account there is still time, check out our Featured Sportsbook and sign up immediately and still have time to get some action on the game.

Mr. B



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